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5 Ways to Kick the Fast Fashion Habit

Posted on 25 May 2016

Fast fashion is a relatively new term in the fashion world to indicate designs that can move quickly from the design phase, or catwalk show, to retail floors in order to capitalize on current fashion trends. This practice of quick manufacturing at a cheap price is most often associated with big retailers like H&M, Zara and Topshop.

But it’s becoming increasingly more understood that fast fashion is bad for the environment (too many chemicals to churn out cheap clothes) and bad for the laborers making the garments (paid extremely low wages in often horrible working conditions).

Here are 5 ways that you can kick the fast fashion habit.

  1. Know your brands  There are a lot of designer companies who are using ethical and sustainable practices, but not marketing themselves as such. It’s good practice to spend some time digging into your favorite brands and learning about their practices. You may choose to support them more….or maybe never again.
  2. Buy less  One of the things we as the founders of hide & cheek have been feeling very strongly convicted of, is to simply buy less stuff. It’s much better to buy one high quality handbag than three middle of the road ones. The same goes for jeans and home décor. Choose for a lifetime of use, not just a season.
  3. Shop used  Buying second hand clothes helps to cut down on fashion waste and supports those who are choosing to pass their clothes along, instead of just toss them with the trash (you’d be surprised how often this happens!!)
  4. Recycle what you’re done with  When you decide that you’re officially done with something in your closet, find a way to consign it or donate it. There are so many options today, from The Real Real to Thred Up, that it’s now super easy to send off your gently used clothes, handbags and more, and get paid for doing so!
  5. Buy fair trade or ethically made items  Buying fair trade certified tells you about how the people who worked on your garments were treated. It reminds you that they’re real people too, supporting kids and families and wanting a better way of life. Probably just like you.

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