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Hormones and weight loss

Posted on 29 June 2016

Three hormones and how they could be sabotaging your weight loss.

You're a regular at Soul Cycle, you Zumba like a pro, you did a thousand "hundreds" when Pilates studios seemed like they were popping up on every corner, but, in all these years, your weight has never reached its happy place.

Even with the right amount of exercise and a clean, healthy diet, your weight loss could be stalling out because your hormones are out of balance.

Below are a few of the most common hormone imbalances that can make weight loss a greater struggle than it needs to be.  Of course, a visit to your doctor will provide the truest prescription for changes you need to make moving forward.   


Cortisol is an extremely important hormone that aids in our ability to process and regulate blood sugar levels, blood pressure and our overall metabolism every day. 

In times of stress your cortisol production is amped up.  Once things quiet down your cortisol levels generally return to normal.  However, research is showing that sustained high levels of cortisol (such as occur in long periods of stress) can lead to weight gain especially in the mid section.  Not so much the subcutaneous fat that covers up your six-pack, but the visceral fat that builds up around your organs.  And this visceral fat can cause a lot of other problems later in life.

Take care to balance the stress in your life with non-stressful activities such as daily exercise that you enjoy and healthy dinners out with friends.


Serotonin is another hormone you want to remember because it helps control your appetite.  But, similar to cortisol, stress plays a big role into how much serotonin our body is making.  

Too much stress over too long a period of time can cause a giant decrease in your body's serotonin levels.  This causes you to crave sweets and carbs, which we all know is weight loss sabotage.  One effective way to regulate serotonin levels, and thus the amount of carbs and sweets you're eating, is to regulate your daily stress levels.  Meditation and journaling are frequent suggestions but it's because they actually work.

Thyroid Hormones

Finally, thyroid hormones also help regulate metabolism and, thus, play a big role in maintaining a healthy weight.  Producing too little is called hypothyroidism and can cause your metabolism to slow down and make it difficult to lose weight.  Producing too much is called hyperthyroidism which can send your metabolism into overdrive and make it difficult to gain weight.

While maintaining the correct levels of thyroid hormones can be effected by diet, it can also be genetic so it's important to talk to your doctor if you think this may be an underlying cause of your inability or gain or lose weight.  

At hide & cheek we're all about putting your best self forward and that's most easily achieved when you're feeling good from the inside out.






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