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About Us

Who are we?  We are two sisters raised in a pretty extraordinary way. 

We grew up in the middle of an enchanted forest with no near neighbors except our grandparents and cousins, also nestled in homes built by hand around our placid lake.  Our parents were visionaries, business starters, naturalistic advocates, and world changers.  And so, as like-follows-like, the apples that are us didn't fall far from the tree.  Outside of our hide&cheek, Sara is a national TV host, author and celebrity speaker and spokesperson.  Elizabeth is cofounder and CEO of CoWorkr, a sensor-based tool that helps companies optimize efficiency and productivity in the workplace.


As sisters we naturally gravitate toward each other.  Aside from traveling and cooking together, we have found ways to work together for over a decade.  In 2014 we launched hide & cheek based on a set of women's garments we designed and sewed ourselves using a unique fabric that contained zinc oxide and all of its skin-healing benefits.  Less than a year later we added our exceedingly popular women's leggings made from another remarkable fabric containing certified organic seaweed.  
As we continue to grow our company we remain committed to a few things we were taught growing up.  

Protect people - they're precious.  

Protect the planet - we only have one.  

Protect each other - 'nuff said.

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