Buy One. Give One.

Our Ethics

There are two pillars to our business & three main convictions and commitments.

The two pillars are:

  1. Garments that are ethically made by real people in the united states who are payed a fair wage, using fabrics that are good for the skin.

  2. A curated collection of fair trade items made by people around the globe who are payed a fair wage, using natural and indigenous materials.


Our Convictions and Commitments are:

Fair trade - We will only sell you items that are made by individuals who are paid a fair wage and work in fair and safe conditions.  Period.  We don't want you to have to worry about overworked and underpaid garment workers, about sweat shops, or about grossly unsafe garment factories because we are decidedly against that and will never put you in the path of it.  
Noteworthy Materials - For our ethical collection the materials are those that are native to the area in which they're being produced.  For our hide & cheek garments we use only materials that are good for the skin because we believe this is the future of fashion.  For example, our SeaCell fabric contains certified organic seaweed blended with Modal to create a material that is moisture wicking, incredibly plush and containing elemental seaweed benefits such as anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative.  And our SmartCell zinc oxide fabric, blended with soft cotton, is UV protective and extremely skin nourishing.
Supporting Women - We are two women, female entrepreneurs, who feel passionately about helping other women with their skills.  We are mentors and trainers, teachers and advisors.  We are sisterly and we are friendly.  And we believe in the good that comes from sending the ladder down so the next in line can climb up.  We hire real women to sew for us and we buy ethically made goods from women around the world who have skills that we don't have.  We hope that you'll buy for yourselves, your girlfriends, your sisters and mothers, your wives, your daughters and the men in your lives.  

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