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  • Active Bra
  • Active Bra
  • Active Bra
  • Active Bra
  • Active Bra
  • Active Bra

Active Bra

$ 68.00


Moisture wicking, never see-through, luxuriously thick and skin loving, this sports bra is your new comfort zone. It features adjustable strap height, also convenient for nursing mothers. Also features a zip closure in the front for easy on and adjustment. There is a ventilation pocket in the back as a small design, comfort and cooling feature.
  • available in black and blush; small, medium and large
  • made sweatshop free in the USA by Blush Apparel
  • hand wash warm and lay flat to dry for a long-lasting garment
  • This Sports Bra is made using our special SeaCell™ material that contains certified organic Icelandic seaweed. Seaweed is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and skin protecting and caring effects.
"This bra could not be a more comfortable fit. The v-neck line is flattering and the zipper keeps my tatas separated and perky! I have never felt more amazing in a sports bra!"

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